PRE-RELEASE | eBook: How to Start a Nonprofit/Charity

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So many people aspire for freedom from their jobs and a greater chance to make a bigger difference and feel a sense of fulfilment that their job just doesn’t offer. But, taking the leap to start your own charity, NGO, non-profit or social enterprise can seem a daunting prospect. In this eBook we’ve outlined in 7 fundamental phases on how to launch and grow and organisation devoted to positive change.

Order a copy of this eBook now with a pre-release discount – to be released autumn 2020. This eBook also comes with a complimentary 30-minute consultation to get personal guidance on how to apply the lessons from the eBook to your personal circumstances.


Pre-Release eBook – Full eBook will be available in Autumn 2020. In this eBook we draw upon the successes and failures of thousands of businesses, charities, NGOs, nonprofits and social enterprises to distill 7 fundamental phases of development for any organisation – right from months or years before the launch for people who don’t even have an idea yet, right through to how to expand it internationally should you so wish.

We use the analogy of the growth phases of a tree to help depict these 7 key phases:

  • Phase 1 – Sowing – Personal Preparation
  • Phase 2 – Seedling – Building Online Presence
  • Phase 3 – Sappling – Building Offline Presence / Market Research
  • Phase 4 – Budding – Product/Service Development
  • Phase 5 – Fruiting – Partnership Development
  • Phase 6 – Maturing – Leadership Team
  • Phase 7 – Reforestation – Model Replication

Within these 7 phases of any project/initiative/social enterprise/charity/NGO there are also 6 ‘Action Channels’. In this eBook we reveal the basic understanding, outlining the journey from having no idea and no resources, to making a huge difference which can be replicated through other regions or causes.

A must read for anyone with any aspirations for social change, whether you wish to start your own initiative one do or do it through your career.

We also know that reading a book is one thing, but applying it is a completely different thing all together and the area where most people fall short. So accompanying this eBook we are including a 30-minute personal consultation with a mentor to help you understand uniquely for yourself how you need to go about applying the knowledge in your own life, given your unique circumstances.

The eBook will be sent to you within the next 3 months in Autumn 2020.


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