How to Start a Nonprofit or Charity – A Step-by-Step Guide eBook


So it’s crossed your mind to one day start a charity, nonprofit, or social enterprise but perhaps you’re not sure how to go about it?

Maybe you feel passionate about a particular cause and long to leave your job but feel doubt and uncertainty?

This eBook outlines the 7 fundamental phases of how to launch and grow a charity, nonprofit or social enterprise in a step-by-step guide starting months, even years before the launch right up to international expansion to avoid the common causes of failure.

ONLY THE FIRST 100 SOLD come with a complimentary 1-hour Pathfinder Coaching Session worth £50 to get personal guidance on how to apply the lessons from the eBook to your personal circumstances.

Additionally, it will either fund COVID vaccinations in developing countries, or for 1 tree to be planted in the Amazon Rainforest through our partner One Tree Planted.


So there’s a particular social or environmental problem you feel strongly about and would love to change?

Maybe your job is draining you and you feel compelled to take the leap to something more fulfilling?



Whether you know what problem you’d like to tackle or aren’t too sure, or even if you don’t think you’ll start your own initiative for some time, or perhaps you’re held back by the myth that ‘you can’t start until you get funding’, this eBook walks you through 7 sequential phases that you can start even years in advance.

80% of social or environmental projects fail in the first year because the founder didn’t do enough upfront to equip themselves with the right knowledge, skills and support. So this eBook is essential whether it’s just something you’re considering in the future, or whether you’ve already got started!



We’ve drawn upon the successes and failures of thousands of businesses, charities, NGOs, nonprofits and social enterprises to distill 7 fundamental phases of development for any organisation or initiative devoted to social, environmental or humanitarian good. We use the analogy of the growth phases of a tree to help depict these 7 key phases:

  • Phase 1 – Sowing – Personal Preparation – Develop strong habits, focus, self-motivation and clarity.
  • Phase 2 – Seedling – Building Online Presence – Develop your understanding of the problem whilst beginning to build your following online.
  • Phase 3 – Sapling – Building Offline Presence / Market Research – Build a mastermind to support you, develop your leadership skills and begin learning the fundamentals of organisational development.
  • Phase 4 – Budding – Product/Service Development – Identify your product or service and which ‘business model’ and ‘legal structure’ is right for you to make the biggest impact. Refine your product/service offering and scale it up to be able to sustain yourself financially to leave employment.
  • Phase 5 – Fruiting – Partnership Development – To expand the impact you can make you’ll need to build a strong partnership network.
  • Phase 6 – Maturing – Leadership Team – A close-knit community of proactive leaders in your organisation is vital to be able to maximise your impact and free you up to do what you need to do.
  • Phase 7 – Reforestation – Model Replication – When everything is running smoothly you’ll most likely want to target other areas of your target issue, or different issues all together. Learn how in this final phase.

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We also know that reading a book is one thing, but applying it is a completely different thing all together and the area where most people fall short. So accompanying this eBook we are including a 1-hour Pathfinder Coaching Session with a mentor (worth £50) to help you understand uniquely for yourself how you need to go about applying the knowledge in your own life, given your unique circumstances.


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