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About Be The Change Academy

Firstly because we're not about profit, we're not about getting loads of people to buy a course and then just leaving it up to them as to whether they even start it or not, let alone whether they finish it. So before we let anyone start a course we want to make sure the course it right for you and that you are right for the course. We'll have someone from the team give you a call to clarity what it is you want and need to make sure we give you the development opportunities that are best suited and that you're best prepared to be able to take the course.
Ultimately because too many things online nowadays lack genuine connection - social media was supposed to help us connect more, but arguably causes us to genuinely connect less. So firstly we're bringing more life back to an environment that has become desolate. Secondly, we want to do everything we possibly can to help you to followthrough and complete the causes. Our goals aren't to be selling loads of courses, our goals are genuinely that the right people not just complete the courses and acquire the knowledge, but are able to apply the knowledge to make a difference in their lives and in others'. You've got to have genuine human connection to make that work.
Again, because we're not all about the money, we're about making sure that you learn and apply material from the course. It is in our interests too that you do, the more people who are learning and applying the more people we can work together with in the future to be able to evoke bigger change. We also don't want to make costs a barrier to people getting involved and want to help generate donations for worthy organisations. This way your learning has a direct impact in the world too. Awesome right? 🙂
We're particularly passionate about climate change, supporting refugees, education and access to clean water. These are some of the more predominate causes we support, however we're not limited to those. If too there are other causes you'd like to support through us, then let us know and we'll work on establishing those partnership projects.

About Taking a Course

The courses are video-based, but not delivered in an academic way, meaning not given information and quizzed on that information. Just remembering stuff is often what the academic system teaches us, not how to live and apply what we learn and stretch our own thinking. So we often ask a question, explore what you think the answer is, then share a video elaborating on the answer, and then find out what more your learnt from the explanation, then finally explore how you can apply that knowledge. This approach makes it far more engaging.
As you've certainly heard, the more you put in, the more you get out. Firstly, try to allocate time each day, or each week when you can work on it without any distraction. We'd recommend you then use a note book or open a document on your phone/computer where you can make notes of everything you're learning. Finally what is really impactful, is teach what you learn. Studies have proven that you learn so much better and retain so much more of the knowledge when you teach what you've just learnt to someone else. So when you get started ask a friend, partner, family member of colleague if they'd be happy for you to share what you're learning.
Obviously, be courteous and polite, we don't tolerate any form of negative or abusive comments on our platform! Anyone who does will removed from the academy immediately! On a lighter note, try to help others, try to help answer people's questions and try to explain your views, thoughts as clearly as possible.
Very simply just ask them. Every Supporter-Mentoree relationship is unique. You will have your own unique way of learning that suits you best. Your supporter will ask you what you feel will work best for you, but don't be afraid to ask. They've been through the course already but if they don't know something they will get help from their own Supporter to help you in the way that suits you best.
Firstly, speak with your Supporter to get their help. They will help you in setting aside the time you need, or clarify anything you're struggling with. Secondly, remind yourself of why it is important to you and how you want it to help you advance in your own endeavours. Like anything in life too, you may need to sacrifice somethings to do what is important - so have a look at one or two things that you can say no to in order to make time.

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