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Helping others in their lives is one of the most fulfilling paths you can take in life

We're always in search of finding more and more people who want to help make a difference in other people's lives. Becoming a mentor is such a powerful to help build your circle of influence and taking your learning to a whole new level. Get in touch below if you'd like to learn more about how you can become a mentor.
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How To Become A Mentor

Here is a little info about being a mentor with us

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Firstly whats important to recognise is that we are not worried about the amount of your formal, or informal experience you have or don't have when it comes to mentoring!

For us the most important things are a passion to help others, to make a difference, and also a willingness to learn yourself.

If you're someone with little/no mentoring experience then we can help train you.

Alternatively if you do have a fair amount of experience, then we'll explore the best way of building a partnership with you.
Obviously the first thing is the opportunity to play a part in helping others who want to learn, grow and make a difference, a chance for you to give back.

Secondly, through helping others learn, you actually help yourself learn that same thing at a much deeper level, to help you to inculcate it and live it, not just know it.

We do encourage most people who come to us who want to start a social enterprise/become a social entrepreneur to become a mentor first. Why? Because leadership is the most fundamental area of your development if you are to success in those endeavours!

We'll also help you in building your own mentoring/coaching business if that is something you're keen to explore, along with the change to earn an additional income through mentoring with us.