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In today's fast-paced, rapidly changing world, keeping ahead of the game whilst juggling the constant pulls and pressures of work, our personal & family lives and our growing conscience of the need for greater change in the world is tough!

Constantly building your skills, knowledge, resources and network to build the life you dare dream of and making the difference that is so needed in the world is critical!

Like no other e-learning platform we're devoted to ensure you don't just learn, but live and apply what you learn, so everyone gets a personal mentor to guide them through it and every course taken also contributes to vital social and environmental projects around the world!

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What Types of Courses Can You Take

We focus on helping you develop your skills, knowledge and resources in 3 core areas:

Personal Development

Here you can learn anything the relates to becoming a better person - whether thats learning where you want to go in life, improve your time management, discipline, focus, mindset, limiting beliefs, more effective habits, emotional intelligence or confidence.

Career Progression

Learning anything from writing a knock-out CV, interview tips, create a career/professional development plan, how to have a career change, sabbaticals, getting a promotion, learning how to manage & lead others better & building your professional network.

Social Entrepreneurship

Get knowledge about how to start and expand a social enterprise (or any social/environmental project even if in employment), how to get funding, marketing, effective recruitment, optimising profits, building your team and client-base and how to build lasting partnerships.

What's Unique About Taking a Course With Us

We're extremely different from other e-learning platforms, here's why and how you'll benefit

Get a Mentor

Unlike most e-learning platforms where you're left alone and they don't care whether you complete the course or not, we'll give everyone a personal mentor to guide and support you through your course to help ensure you complete it all and learn as much as possible to be able to apply in your own life.

Proceeds Fund Change

We're a not-for-profit and want to make sure that when you learn, it also helps brighten up a tiny corner of the world and make someone else's life better, so all proceeds contribute to key social and environmental issues around the world.

Learn on the Go

We know life can be hectic sometimes juggling your work and home/personal life, yet make each moment count is so important, so we've designed this Academy and each course to be able to use where ever you are, at your desk, on a tablet, or even on your mobile while on the go.

What People Say

Here's what some of our students have to say about their experience...

Jaz O’Hara The Worldwide Tribe

Jaz O’Hara

Founder of The Worldwide Tribe

“Working with Adam has been a real journey. He has taken the time for years now to regularly check in on my progress in both my professional and personal development. We have talked through many visions for the future and he has given me the tools and resources to read and learn to grow as a person and in my work. I’m grateful for Adam’s continued support and encouragement and his persistence even when I felt like I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Adam is a true giver and has selflessly and consistently been supportive for me and The Worldwide Tribe.”

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